Our fields of specialization

The knowledge of our company cover a wide range of fields related to engineering activity. Thanks to our expertise intechnical and economic issues will provide a concept specifically adapted to all phases of the project.

  1. Naval Division

    We plan, coordinateand directall phases of your project from a business and technical perspective.
    Summary of our services
    New construction projects.
    Reforms and Transformations of ships.
    •Towing Calculations

• Elaborations of pollution by oils pills.
• Project management.
• Studies of stability and buoyancy.
• Calculation of tonnage and freeboard.
• Re-engines.
• Manualloading and stowage.
• Electrical projects, cold and air conditioning installations, fire fighting facilities...
• Scantlings calculations.
• Thread weight calculations.
• Flagging and adjustments.
• CE Marked for pleasure craft.
• Claims Expert reports, appraisals and valuations, arbitrations...
• Marine Surveyor.


2. IndustrialDivision

METoffers services indifferent areas of the industrial division, the most important being the following:

IndustriaElectricity Projects

Frio Industrial Projects
Climate Projects
Firefighting Projects
Renewable Energy (finish installations, photovoltaic and wind)
energy efficiency studies
Energy performance certificates
In MET, using the most advanced tools currently
complying with all current legislation and aiming all his works.

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